Janusz Pyra – Culinary Artist

| Poland | Bieszczady


Janusz Pyra is a talented and experienced Chef, a member of the Chapter elite Chefs’ Club. He is a culinary artist who performs his job with passion and draws a lot of satisfaction from it. Janusz Pyra likes to surprise and shock, He creates culinary masterpieces based on traditional recipes. He loves Polish food, but also likes to create dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

As a young cook in the eighties, he worked in the restaurant “Hunting”, where he went through all of the steps related to the cook profession. He then went abroad for more knowledge and experience.

He worked at the consulate in Syria and the Middle East, then had a two-year contract in Germany in Augsburg. He had a lot of training abroad, including Italy and France, where he developed his skills in the kitchens of these countries.

Several times he took part in in competitions and presentations nationwide, which invariably ended with great success and acquiring leading positions. Apart from his own achievements, he has prepared and trained many young students the culinary arts, these, under his guidance were the winners of prestigious competitions. He also judged many culinary competitions. He is now a chef at Castle Dubiecko, where his passion and limitless imagination tempting culinary gourmets from all over the world. Castle Dubiecko is a charming place, where it is easy to fall in love at first sight. The exquisite cuisine is a pleasure to the senses. This place has a soul and visitors and guests will never forget him.

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