Mirek Drewniak – Culinary Artist

| Poland


Mirek Drewniak is a Chef of Polish cuisine, and a member of the elite Chefs Club Foundation, which contains the most important chefs in Poland. He was also the President of the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of Poland, and the Polish Tourist Association have awarded him for his promotion of Polish food in Europe and the world.

As well as cooking he is also a journalist, and collaborates with magazines and restaurant guides in Poland, Italy and Greece, in addition to being the author of several cookbooks. His menus offer exclusive dishes, with their quality being absolutely certain. He is very happy to talk with customers and listen to their opinions. His great success is due not only to his excellent cooking skills, but also to his enthusiasm for work; you could compare him to a great theatrical actor.

He started his work in Bielsko, where he was born, and went on to cook in various national and international restaurants. His true training took place in the 12 years he spent in Promice, at the Ristorante Noma Residence, where he developed from an assistant cook to a great chef. In the atmosphere and history of this castle, he developed a new traditional cuisine with game meat dishes, completely renovating not just the menu but the whole atmosphere.

After 20 years he returned to work in Bielsko, creating an environment which offers original cuisine prepared directly in front of customers, according to their preferences. He currently runs the South Centre Catering Group – the Windmill Restaurant in Kamieńsk with a partner.

As well as his own work, he also judges other culinary competitions, and is an advisor in the television program MasterChef. He took second place in the 2003 Polish Culinary Cup, as the head of a team of cooks. He also came first place at the festival of traditional cuisine in Dubiecko Palace, and received a special prize from the Ministry of Economy.

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