Nestor Grojewski – Culinary Artist

| Italy | Rome


Grojewski is Polish but lives in Italy, and thanks to his hard work and passion for the culinary arts he has been successful. He learned to cook in the best culinary schools in Rome, consequently learning the secrets of Italian cuisine. In his restaurant – Wine Bar CRU.DOP, in Rome, Via Tuscolana 898 – he surprises customers with his very innovative creations and the combinations of original flavours. This is a kitchen without burners: all the dishes are prepared in front of the customers. He speaks happily with his guests, giving advice and recommendations on his dishes, and also helps them to choose a suitable wine. The most popular dish in the CRU.DOP restaurant is the raw tuna with bacon, which has been part of the menu for many years.

Nestor Grojewski is a person of great talent, an esteemed artist of Italian cuisine. He honed his skills in the famous Roman restaurants and hotels, has cooked for Hollywood stars on the set, and was a personal chef for Martin Scorsese, a remarkable director and screenwriter. Nestor attended the Milano Expo 2015 as a cook and representative of Poland and took part in numerous television programs both in Italy and in Poland. In his restaurant, CRU.DOP, Nestor organizes innovative cooking competitions for both professionals and for lovers of good food.

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