Ristorante da Paolo e Susana & Pizzeria Gourmet

| Croatia | Istria


There’s always a first time. I went for lunch at the Ristorante Paolo e Susanna, specialists in cooking sea fish. I had never been convinced by seafood, but after tasting their dishes I have completely changed my taste.

Shrimp, shellfish, scallops, and a delicious appetiser of fish caught freshly in the morning by the owner – it was all so delicious. In a few days I had discovered new flavors I had never imagined; handmade pasta with truffles, shrimp, sea bass, squid, etc.

After a couple of months I returned there, wanting to find accommodation close to the restaurant. It is a wonderful place to recommend to friends for the hospitality and service of its owners (in addition to the wonderful cuisine). Everything is fresh and of excellent taste, and all at good prices. In the restaurant there is a large wood-burning oven for making pizza: this is why it is called “Ristorante Paolo e Susanna & Pizzeria Gourmet”.

The pizzas are delicious, made of thin, crispy dough with various flavors to taste. The menu also has an assortment of red and white meat, so even those who prefer meat will find something good. I advise you in any event to make use of learning about the place and finding the satisfaction in a meal. I will definitely return to this place for its incredible tastes, where I found my love for seafood.

Address: Istria, ul. Ungarija 2, Umag

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