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We arrived by ship in Barcelona and the first thing we saw was the harbor and a beautiful view of the city! The port is very large and is divided into three parts: transshipment port, commercial port and the old port which is located not far from the city center. The first thing you notice is the great monument of Christopher Columbus. Then we went to see the famous Las Ramblas (the most famous street in Barcelona), an avenue lined with palm trees, where there are many souvenir kiosks, bars, coffee shops, and artists of all types (street musicians, painters, portrait painters, jugglers and mimes: living statues).

There is a real party atmosphere, with thousands of tourists, and looking from afar it appears to be floating in the waves.

After a quick break for a snack made with seafood tapas, we took a side road leading to the Gothic area, following to the Santa Eulalia Cathedral. Entering inside, there is a large porch for the many chapels and a large garden where 13 geese live ; I was surprised and excited by the sound of these animals. Legend says that as long as there will be the geese, the whole city will be protected from dangers.

After visiting the town we went to Park Guell, the famous garden of the architect Gaudi, where you can see many original architectural features and beautiful mosaics that have now become some of the symbols of Barcelona. It’s a charming place where you can feel the mystical atmosphere that created this great character. What a pleasure to think that Gaudi lived right here! Unfortunately he failed to finish the park because of his work on the design and construction of the Sagrada Familia.

The greatest emotion that really took my breath away and even made me cry, was when I went out in the yard of the great cathedral Sagrada Familia, the symbol of the city; I had imagined what I would see, I had studied the subject during art history lessons, I had looked at the photos and sketches. Yet I had never felt so impressed: no masterpiece had ever hit me in this way. It remains the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

The cathedral has three facades, two of which are completed, and the third under construction. When the work of the construction is finished the towers of the cathedral will be 172 meters high, so the Sagrada Familia will become the largest sanctuary in the world. Right now, there are 8 of the 18 bell towers that were planned and designed by Gaudi. Inside the building is the Cathedral Museum and the tomb of the architect. My condolences go to all those who could not visit this incredible place and stay there at least for a week, as it is my greatest desire to return and stay for at least two weeks.

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