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They are beautiful and fascinating: they are the Polish mountains that lie on the south-east border. It is worth going there above all in the autumn, when the leaves of the beech trees turn red, and the landscape has an extraordinary beauty. The picturesque hills become beautiful in a magical way.

In these rather wild lands, or even in some zones untouched, we can see animals that we wouldn’t find in other parts of Poland: Europe’s largest snake, the aesculapian, but also bisons, bears, deer, wolves, lynx, wild cats and since 2007 also konik (small, semi-feral horses native to Poland).

The “Caryńska” and “Wetlinska” meadows are the best known destinations for the trails. And not for nothing: as a teenager I walked these paths, and even to this day I remember how carefree and wonderful I felt during these trips. The climate of the Bieszczady is perfect, being not so severe as in the high mountains, but milder. I felt really good here.

The Bieszczady have a lot on offer, both for people who are looking for excitement and for those who want to relax quietly. Sports of all kinds attract people who want an active break. Going rambling on fields or in the woods; seeing interesting villages where it seems that time has stopped; visiting Orthodox churches and chapels: these are just some of the curiosities that we can encounter in this area. You can take part in milder forms of physical activity, such as horse riding, biking or skiing. But extreme sports lovers will also find something for themselves: gliding or paragliding, cycling extreme paths …

Those seeking silence and tranquility will certainly find them in the Bieszczady. Just leave the tourist route and sit in a gathering in the woods, listening to the songs of birds, and with a little luck (or misfortune) meeting wild animals. In the silence of the picturesque landscapes you can find a small twentieth century courtyard, with a modern spa, where relaxation and privacy are written in capital letters. Everyone will find something for themselves here.

Other attractions of Bieszczady are its small, beautiful waterfalls and caves, as well as the artificial lake, Lake Solińskie, where you can take a trip on a cruise ship. Whilst in the area, it is worth seeing the monastery in Zagórze, Kamień Leski (an extraordinary rock formation), and the open-air museum in Sanok.

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