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It is a city that you have to see at least once in your life. I have been there twice (always for a day)  and with a small child. I know I will be back, hopefully more than once. Venice is just beautiful. Some say that it is gaudy or it stinks: I disagree. It is simply beautiful!

I did not think that this unique city, located on the water, full of bridges, channels, angles, and water, would have fascinated and enchanted me so much. The architecture is like nothing else: the huge, decorated buildings are built on wooden poles, right on the water. This is just fascinating. Venice is very romantic, with its own climate. Obviously it is filled with tourists (especially in August and in March, when I was there), particularly in the most popular places (San Marco Square, Rialto), but you can also find quiet places to sit and to enjoy the sights and the soul.

I would not like to describe all the attractions of the city, because I think it is worthwhile seeing the full thing yourself. Venice for me is a city like Rome, where you can just get lost and discover interesting places, neighborhoods, buildings, monuments, windows, and shops. No matter whether they are called Piazza San Marco or San Nessuno: the aim is simply to make us happy. Just walk into any church to find a wealth of decorations and paintings.

If you are in this lagoon city, the one absolute must do is a trip on a gondola. I suggest stopping in Piazza San Marco, as the route is in my opinion the most beautiful and romantic. But other routes also make an incredible impression.

Venice is known throughout the world, and in fact tourists come from all over. The residents and the owners of bars, hotels and shops of all types do not neglect them: a trip to Venice will certainly leave you spellbound, but also of lighter pocket! Nevertheless I think this piece of the world is worth spending a few euros, to pass a wonderful time in a perculiar place.

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