Aleksandra Stępniak – Painting

| Poland


Alexander Stępniak works as electro cardiologist in the Laboratory of Computer Tomography. She graduated from the National School of Music with a first and second degree in Stalowa Wola – piano class, faculty electro cardiology, AGH Krakow, Psychology Interaction in Lublin, and Sociology and Graphic Design PWSW Przemysl.

Her last years of life determine the words “Between stimulus and behavior is space. In this space there is room for choice answers. This choice is our development and freedom.”

She belongs to the Unprofessional Artists’ Club . She practices painting, drawing, collage and photography, and is fascinated by abstract expressionism, which is a reference to the paintings of the artist. Element colors to build-up stains and tangled lines are an integral part of the expression of painting.

In her works she uses combinations of different textures and many painting techniques, often mixed together. She uses a colorful pallet of substrates,with a lot of experimenting. She is interested in gaining experience in the techniques of graphic drawing. This transforms the acquired skills for her own workshop. Sometimes the paintings she creates are the result of observation of the different states of nature, the interpretation of real shapes and also colours. Others times, there is a world of surreal abstraction, symbolism and sophisticated beauty.

She is also interested in “fun” titles images, in which the artist uses a thought experiment. She believes that it is more elegant than the reality. Sometimes it requires inventing something, which is unlikely, or even impossible. However, it is intended to help us think and see and does not describe reality. It provides a certain type of challenge, a stimulus for further reflection in association with the image. Imagination without reason is a mere fantasy, and the reason is necessary to feed the imagination.

Aleksandra often participates in plein-air painting workshops, exhibitions and individual shows.  Her Images are in private collections in Poland and abroad.


  1. – KPN Annual Exhibition, Gallery Sanowa Przemysl
  2. – Post-competition exhibition Watercolours I- interprovincial competition “Eastern Wall” them. M. Strońskiego Rzeszow
  1. – Regional Overview Fine Arts Amateur CK
  2. – Individual Exhibition Brekov Slovakia
  3. – Collective Exhibition Hungary
  4. – Collective Exhibition Convention Centre, Krakow
  5. – Individual Exhibition House of Culture Strzyżów
  6. – International Exhibition Humenne Slovakia
  7. – International Exhibition Przemyskie Center of Science and Culture – Castle
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