Aneta Mistelska – Brick glass painting

| Poland


Many years of experience, creativity and incredible talent has allowed her to discover new techniques combining paint with other decorative elements. Aneta Mistelska has been creating artistic painting on glass for over 10 years. Initially she painted mirrors and windows sites. Now she focuses primarily on painting glass bricks and mandalas which are becoming more and more popular and are an excellent interior decoration.

Her work has gained recognition all over Europe. Brick glass painted by Aneta Mistelska are already in Germany, France, Italy and the UK.

Another passion she is devoted to is the theatre. She is an actress and writer in the S.A.N theatre in Przemyśl.
She is involved in many projects, she has acted in fairy tales and also plays for grown-up audiences. She teaches yoga, loves people, nature and long walks which give her a great sense of freedom.

Mandala is a positive working image formed from one of the most beautiful geometric forms-which is a circle. These kind of images are called mandalas they have an extraordinary power to transform and act on our subconsciousness. Gazing at them, allows us to get to the source of our problems, negative programming, unlock them, bring them out and transform them. It is a therapy for our mind, body and soul. Mandalas can stimulate our energy, tone and harmonise the places where we live, add strength and a sense of peace. They are helpful in meditation and concentration, they also help in the creation and attraction of true love.

When Aneta paints mandalas she praises the God inside her which has the power of healing and making her more beautiful, glowing and full of life energy.

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