Claudia Allievi – Painting

| Italy | Lake Garda


Born 14th January 1953 on Lake Garda, Claudia Allievi arrived in Milan at a young age and passed a tranquil youth doing voluntary work at the disabled centre, Don Gnocchi.

Claudia-Allievi-TiangoliA woman waiting to be discovered, and an enthusiastic worker, in her work she attempts a personal twist for her clients, who value her humanistic qualities and willingness to listen. Curiosity, love, and sensitivity, all cross and illuminate her existence, transforming her own life and those of others into a beautiful emotion. She looks to painting as an outlet after a period of painful events that made her stronger.

With the desire to recover, Claudia took the first steps into the art world with enthusiasm, despite the ingenuity of the painting technique. She juggles vivid colours and fanciful shapes that highlight the eyes: “the mirrors of the soul”. The simple and spontaneous technique marks the gentleness and sensitivity of the brush stroke. The deep search for the gaze in veiled faces characterises her artistic work.Claudia Allievi Africa

The careful observer can take an incredible introspective journey simply by focusing all their attention on the eyes that watch them through the canvas, and so can reach an unexpected emotion. To those she knows, Claudia transmits an invigorating energy so intense they are drawn to it. Each of her works, therefore, is a lucky charm to whoever has the pleasure to appreciate and posses it.Claudia Allievi Albero dei Desideri

An artist of an elegant and wise soul, eclectic and free of artistic inhibitions, her art is consequently a dreamlike game that allows her to get in touch with the human universe through the eyes, and live as a fusion between earth and soul. She wants to communicate to the world that nature is the only good force that can transform and leave in its color the portrait of the parallel universe that surrounds us all. Now she paints canvases of expressionist art showing the energy of the soul.

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