Daniel Lowther – Painting


Daniel Lowther is an artist who is into painting of landscape, oil and abstract painting. Painting is a very important thing for him, it is something he has so much passion for. He gets his inspiration from nature and enjoying every beautiful moments when he sees what interest him. He has been through so much to get to where he is today and i believe that was what made him strong today.

Daniel Lowther lived in Salt Lake City (USA), was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Grew up in Hungary and went to Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi art school in Istanbul, Turkey. Daniel’s characteristic feature is deformation of shapes, vivid colors, in particular blue, yellow, red and black. He uses his own creativity, sensitivity to the world of colors and moods to create images on the border of fantasy and reality.

Painting is alive thanks to his relationship with the viewer, with whom he becomes intimate contact through colorful vibrations, through the mobility of transparent light and through the simplicity of simple forms.   His hobbies are playing saxophone and guitar, listen to music, sailing, camping, his favorite sport are… soccer, volleyball and hockey.

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