Ewa Wolak – Painting

| Poland


Ewa Wolak works in the newspaper “The Gate Przemyska”; and Portal Przemyśl. She has been interested in art since childhood, however she only began to paint a few years ago.
In 2012 she became a member of the Unprofessional Plastic Club; in the Cultural Centre in Przemyśl, where she participates in numerous group exhibitions and plein-air painting. She is constantly searching for and trying her hand at a variety techniques: oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphics, and drawing.

She paints landscapes and architecture, but her main pleasure derives from painting portraits, because in this way she can express her love for people. Her warm attitude towards making portraits of people lives in the reflection of her emotions: love, joy, sadness and nostalgia.

She finds beauty in other people not necessarily attractive for others, and tries to show why these people are special, by looking into their soul. She doesn’t want to show only physical beauty, but how these people are inside; their mood, sadness and emotion. She enjoys painting portraits of her beloved granddaughters, family and friends.

Painting has always been her life-long dream, with a long time spent waiting to dare to take her brush in hand.
She sees beauty in the texture of the old cracked wall of long abandoned churches overgrown with weeds, in the gray blade of grass frosted in the gate of a collapsing building, but above all in humans. She paints in every moment of her life, observing nature and enjoying the moment when she sees something that will move and delight her.

She likes to participate in the plein-air workshops, group and individual exhibitions. Despite such a short time painting, she has already received several awards and distinctions for Surveys Amateur Fine Arts. She had several exhibitions of her work in Poland and one in Slovakia.

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