Grzegorz Kijanka – Graphic and designer

| Poland


A graphic artist and designer, Kijanka graduated from the University of Rzeszów in the Faculty of Art Education, where he studied Visual Arts, and specialised in graphic design. In 2009 he graduated from the studio of Professor Tadeusz Nuckowski.

He designs modern graphics for companies and individuals. He works on websites, advertising materials, typography, visual identification, illustration and infographics.

Grzegorz’s characteristic means of expression is the deformation of shapes, expressive colours, in particular blue, yellow, red and black, and the combinations that become symbols: elements of reality. Freedom of choice over his artistic techniques is important to him, and he believes that his works require a deeper analysis.

In each painting new creations appear, always different than those previous, which overlap, cooperate and highlight with a fine line. Meanwhile, he creates the odd combinations of segments with opposite meanings with a bold line.

In his works Grzegorz Kijanka refers to artists such as Salvador Dalí , Max Ernst, Gustave Doré, Witkacy, Jan Marcin Szancer, Władysław Hasior, Stanisław Szukalski, and Marian Kruczek.

“The works of  Grzegorz Kijanka are an acknowledgement of the emotional states, they are a recount of the human existence on Earth, they are a reflection of the relation between the body – that is material, not durable, ephemeral – and soul. The real observations of the world are found in the artist’s imagination, focused on existential themes.

In the works of this artist we find a similarity to the surreal creations of Jan Svankmajer. The two artists share an inner world: the specific sense of humour, tied to bitter irony, which forces a reflection on the fragility and transience of human life” (Aleksandra Stępniak on the exhibition “Analysis of the Personality”, 2014).

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