Helena Maszczak – Painting


Helena Maszczak comes from Boryslaw, and lives in a suburb of Dubieckim, where she has practised her art for more than 30 years. She creates oil paintings and watercolours, around the theme of flowers and landscapes. Since 1984 she has been an active member of the club tuck unprofessional in Przemyśl in Poland. Her artistic achievements include dozens of individual and collective exhibitions, and she has also been awarded the Badge of Merit of Culture.

She gives her landscapes her own twist with artistic characteristics that express her individuality. She portrays the beauty of the flowers around her own home, presenting them as a true miracle of nature in bright, pastel colors. She also has an extraordinary ability to move the observation of the surrounding world to develop her language of painting.
Her first watercolors were painted when she was a girl, before the war.  However later, the war, work in the countryside and family responsibilities didn’t allow for painting. After many years, thanks to the persuasion of her daughter , she came back to painting. It calms her, lets her relax, switch off from the world, and go to a place where there is only beauty.

Her paintings can be found not only in Podkarpacie, but also abroad, in the US, Canada, France and Belgium. In addition to painting Helena also knows how to sew and embroider. However, it is painting that  gives her the greatest joy.

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