Iwona Jankowska-Kozak – Painting

| Poland


Iwona Jankowska Kozak cerkiewIwona Jankowska-Kozak graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Jarosław in Poland. Since 2008 she has been a member of the Association of Polish Painters and Graphic Artists in Rzeszow. She uses oil paints, watercolours and pastels. She participated in the international project “Art without borders”. She led art workshops for children and teenagers in the projects “Our past is our future” and “The Art of a young man”. She is the co-organiser of the international open-air painting in Kotań (Poland). In the years 2000-2013 she took part in around 100 collective exhibitions.Iwona Jankowska Kozak kobieta

Painting is a very important part of her life and gives her strength every single day. Iwona Jankowska-Kozlak doesn’t imitate any of the great and recognised masters. The inspiration for her paintings are the landscapes through the changing seasons in Bóbrka and the surrounding area from the church tower, thatched huts, a mosaic of fields intersected by boundary strips, flowering meadows and forests. It views that most strongly shape the original – including our own – attitude to beauty.

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