Jadwiga Maria Jarosiewicz – Painting

| Poland


Jadwiga Maria Jarosiewicz – a painter and stage designer, has found her own, unique painting style. Her authenticity and individual perception of reality are the reasons why we cannot be indifferent to her work. The main theme of her painting are human beings, often it is the artist’s self-portrait in her studio amongst her beloved dogs. The reality created by the artist has a poetic, romantic dimension.

Her paintings are like a journey inside the soul because she analyses the people she paints in great detail. Emotions strike with proximity and nudity in her interpretation is subtle and sensual.

She is a great colourist, the strokes of her brush are firm, expressive and confident and the colours merge coming out with a stronger light. Her approach to painting is spontaneous and emotional with a great sensitivity that we can see in her works.

Jadwiga Maria Jarosiewicz was born in Przemyśl, lived in Jarosław, finished Secondary School of Fine Arts in Jarosław. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków where she studied painting with prof. Czesław Rzepiński and she finished postgraduate studies of Stage Design with prof. Andrzej Kreutz Majewski.

For many years she has been a successful stage designer, her work has received standing ovations from audiences and a recognition from the critics. She made her debut while still a student, she designed the scenography and costumes for the opera Wolny Strzelec by Weber (Der Freischütz) in Kraków Opera, directed by Małgorzata Dziewulska. Since then she has worked on over 80 operas mainly in opera houses in Poland but also in Germany, England, Japan, China and Cuba. She has done a lot of projects for Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw, for example La Sylfide, La Ventana by A. Bournoville – choreography by Kirsten Ralov, Sleeping Beauty by P. Chaikovsky, choreography Piotr Gusiew and also for “Halka”, “Śpiewnik domowy” by S.Moniuszko, directed by Maria Foltyn and recently “Bajadera” with choreography by Natalia Makarova.

However, what is most important for her is painting.

An important source of inspiration for her painting and theatre is classical music, old and contemporary, she always works with earphones in.

A place where she likes to go back to is her homeland – Podkarpacie, an annual open air in Boguchwała and also Early Music Festival “Song of our Roots” in Jarosław and “Kromer-Festival” in Biecz. She took part in exhibitions of Podkarpacka Zachęta. In Podkarpacie there are graves of her family, her old school friends live there and many fans of her work.

Jadwiga Maria Jarosiewicz has been taking part in many important auctions over the years – charity exhibitions like “Bliźniemu swemu” for St Brother Albert Aid Society, auction “Aperio” in Poznań “Auction of Great Heart” in Kraków, Podkarpacie Hospice for children -or auction for BUW – Warsaw.

Her paintings and stage design work have been presented at about 50 individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Her paintings are in many collections in Poland and all over the world.

She lives and works in Warsaw.

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