Joanna Pawłowska – Wood painter

| Poland


Joanna Pawlowska completed Art School in Miejsce Piastowe. She comes from Krosno, and for several years now has lived and worked in Jedlickz. She is a very modest and quiet person. She was interested in painting from a young age, and began to paint on canvas, however she was not satisfied and so started to search for other ways of artistic expression. She discovered her love for wood whilst walking in Bieszczady and Beskid Niski, where she became fascinated by old, damaged, Orthodox churches. It was from here that she came up with the idea to paint directly on the wood from old houses and barns.

Her works have a certain soul; it is not just the artistic value that matters, but also the wood and its history. The main theme of her works in Pawlowska are architecture, scarecrows and angels who guard the people close to the artist. For some years her works can be admired in the art galleries and markets in Bieszczady. Their style is so characteristic that you can immediately recognise the artist.

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