Jolanta Cicińska – Painting

| Poland


Jolanta Cicińska has been involved in painting only recently, but with art accompanies her whole life.
She loves traveling, and her journeys are the inspiration for her work. She retains in her memory interesting people, places and events, then transfers them to the canvas.

Her favorite painting technique is acrylic. Apart from painting, she is engaged in drawing and photography. She uses her own inventiveness, sensitivity to the world of colors, and moods, to create images on the border between fantasy and reality. She is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. Her profession is a teacher of physical education and swimming coach. One impulse was enough for her to change sport into painting, which became her passion.

She is a social worker and volunteer, involved in charity events where she puts her works up for bid. She has also organized painting evenings for seniors.

She wants to be closer to art and acquire more painting skills, so she has started to study at the Institute of Interior Design at the State College of Eastern European Przemyśl.

Her paintings in the exchange general cultural EU were transferred to Sardinia, and they are also in private collections in the USA, Sweden and Italy. Jolanta Cicińska has participated in many group exhibitions and plein-air painting. She has recieved awards several times for Surveys Fine Arts Regional Amateur.

The biggest individual exhibitions:

– 14-30 VI 2013 – Gallery Sanowa in Przemysl
– I-II 2014 Center for Science and Culture “Castle” in Przemysl
– Przemyśl- Tower castle Kazimierzowskiego- Gallery Debuts, the title of “Angels” 2014
– Jarosław- Gallery MOK- “Heaven and Earth” 2016
– Strzyżow- Gallery Sokoł- “Closing” 2016

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