Katarzyna Grabka – Painting and ceramics

| Poland


Grabka graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Marie Curie – Sklodowskiej in Lublin, Poland, with a major in painting. She studied painting, drawing, sculpture and computer graphics.

katarzyna-grabka-spiacaShe found her passion and artistic talent at high school, where she drew sketches of clothing, and it was at this point that she discovered her true talent, beginning to paint portraits and landscapes, and choosing for definite the university of art.katarzyna-grabka-aniolki

Unfortunately the flat canvas didn’t satisfy her enough, and she began to create three-dimensional spatial forms; to paint on ceramics, creating objects of art forming the mosaics mounted on plasterboards that can be applied to walls as part of the interior design.

She dedicates a lot of time to creating minor works like animals, angels and forms of applied art, preferring these more interesting and imaginative works to painting pictures.

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