Małgorzata Paszkowska – Jewelry

| Poland


Małgorzata has been fascinated with handcrafting ever since she was a child. She spent many years of her childhood drawing, knitting and sewing, but her greatest passion has always been creating jewellery. malgorzata-paszkowska-wisiorek-kwadratowyFor a few years now she has been specializing in jewellery. It brings her joy and has become her life’s passion, and it is for this reason that her work is so extraordinary and unique. She creates her masterpieces by hand, applying mixed techniques of her own invention, perfecting every detail, and making it durable.
However, she is continually developing her work and discovering new possibilities. malgorzata-paszkowska-kolczyki-motylkiFor example, she is fascinated with nature and its richness of wildlife and flowers.
Małgorzata works on her own projects as well as special orders. Apart from jewellery, she also creates larger pieces like mirrors or angels. The jewellery she creates includes earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, necklaces and rings which come in sets or individual pieces.
She is currently working with several galleries in Poland and abroad. Her works were presented and applauded in Paderborn in Germany and on numerous events in Przemyśl and other cities in Poland. Her works can be seen at the permanent exhibition in the Museum of Bells and Pipes in Przemyśl in Poland.

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