Maria Piśko – Ceramic

| Poland


Maria Piśko completed Art School in Jarosław. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and graduated from the Study of Design in Ceramics and Glass, which deals with graphics, drawing, pottery and fabrics.

She is a passionate teacher, having worked in art schools in Jaroslaw, and taught children subjects such as ceramics, technical graphics, basic design, unique works, etc.

In 2013 she recieved an honour, “Merit for Polish culture”, and in 2015 became an honourable member of the Association of Polish Artists. She has also been the revisor of some programs for ceramic subjects at art schools (at the Artistic Education Centre).

She participates in collective and individual exhibitions, and with open air workshops for ceramic artists in Nowy Wiśnicz, Zduny and Cieszyn (organised by the Insitute of Art from the University of Śląsk).

She has exhibited her work with the group of artists “Złota Linia”. Another exhibition, entitled “Reminiscencje 2011”, took place at the Główna Gallery in Attavantich, and then in the Centrum Wikliniarstwa in Rudnik d / Sanem.

In May 2012 she participated with the “Złota Linia” group in the “Majówka” party at Centrum Promocji Kultuy Prague – Południe in Warsaw, then on the 16th June she exhibited her ceramic works at the “Na Wodzie”, which was part of ‘eighth editions of Warszawskie Spotkania ceramiczne.

Another open air workshop took place at the Studio of Ceramics of the Institute of ArtUS, entitled “Ceramiczne Dialogi Cieszyn 2012”.

She happily conducts several open air workshops, always linked to pottery and other artistic techniques (such as felting) for children and teenagers.

The workshop “Lepić każdy może” in Jaroslaw and the construction of a paper oven in Gminny Ośrodek Wypoczynku i Rekreacji w Radawie (to which she was invited by the council and CKiP in Jaroslaw) was an especially intersting experience for her.

Maria Piśko’s motto is: “Pottery is my kingdom. The youth is my life. And then there is also my family…”

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