Monika Zielinski – Furniture styling

| Poland


Monika Zielinski was born in Olsztyn, capital of Warmia and Masuria, the land of Polish Great Lakes. She grew up in a small village near Dobre Miasto city.

From childhood she loved to paint, draw, sew and knit. When she was a teenager she bought a sewing machine and started to customize her own clothes. She always liked to have something different and it goes on until today. Monika graduated Science Economical College and worked for a few years in that profession. Monika is interested in history, especially in Second World War period.

She has been living in Hamburg for 4 years now, along with her husband and their 2.5 years old daughter. Adjusting to life as immigrant has been harder than she anticipated. At that difficult time Monika found relaxation in customization of furniture, which was more accessible in Germany compared to Poland.

Step by step she filled her flat with customized furniture and with time her hobby transformed into passion. Every free moment she was spending in her home workshop restoring old furniture. She has found the greatest pleasure in custom making furniture, candlesticks, photo frames in her individual way.

Monika has always felt sentiment towards old furniture and had a need to give them a second life. Her inspiration is worldwide famous Annie Sloan. Monika loves Shabby Chic Style which actually is one of the most popular styles of interior decoration pleasant, full of whiteness, greys and pastels with many rubbings showing time-worn areas. All this give items glamour and charm. Monika Zielinski is self-taught artist with a romantic soul.

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