Władysław Jan Zych – Artist

| Poland


Władysław Jan Zych is an artist who works in and is successful in various disciplines. He attempts to confront new challenges that art brings. He works hard and is always discovering new passions. He is a sculptor, painter and poet, creating poems, fables and legends.

wladyslaw-jan-zych-wystawa-2016For many years he sang with the Choir of Archdiocesi, with whom he performed concerts in Rome. His meetings with Pope Giovanni Paolo II and attending his funeral had a big affect on his personality. It was at this time that he started to write religious, patriotic, romantic and nature poetry. His poetry has been praised in many competitions, recieving awards and honours. He then made his debut with sculpturing at the IX Biennial Regional Sculptures of the Self-taught, for which he recieved an award for his work, “Son of God and the Holy Spirit”. He is also the creator of the bust of John Paul II, Cardinal Wyszynski, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The figure of M. M. Kolbe is located in Albania, together with the figure of Christ on the cross.  His large sculpture of crucified Christ can be found in the entrance of the church in Medica. He is the author of his own technique for creating icons.wladyslaw-jan-zych-wystawa-prace

For a couple of years he has also been involved in painting. He continues to search for his own technique, and the most appropriate thing seems to be painting with a spatula. He paints landscapes, flowers, ships, and people. Recently he is fascinated by the abstraction and a completely new technique that he is developing and elaborating. wladyslaw-jan-zych-zielona-alejaHe currently draws large works, and his paintings are increasingly more fascinating. He consistently repeats that he has received a great gift, or talent, and must work to show his thanks, despite any weakness, disease of sufferance. His works have been presented in many self-taught art exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He has received numerous awards and honours which motivate him to work even harder. His exhibitions are at the same time a chance to meet the author: the artist reads and recites his own poetry so the visitors can know his personality better. Many of Wladyslaw Zych’s works are found in the private collections in Poland and abroad.

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